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Pictured (L to R) are Janet Pallo, Genevieve Roach and Judy Kaminski.

Janet and Judy are owners of the Museum.



Truly, The Victorian Perambulator Museum and Art Gallery is a first class one of a kind attraction that showcases the best of the best.  


As one enters the doors they find themselves in a state of awe, forgetting the problems of everyday life as they diminish in mid air, and for 60 minutes of bliss all dreams seem achievable.


The visitor will witness the amazing talents of past ancestors whom passed down a legacy unsurpassed by todays standards.


Voted top pick of select museums in 2013, you understand why, truly nothing compares.


Delightful whimsical carriages bring back motifs such as gondolas, swans, peacocks, bring back images of nature's best, carrousels that urge you to jump on, displays with their nostalgic touch encouraging one to say WOW!!  I wish I could dream on forever.  The Christmas Room entices all to believe in Santa.  The paintings throughout whisper their secrets, and force the phrase, "what's next?"  Toys that dare you to say, "Come play with me,"  books that make you a believer. 


After experiencing 15 amazing rooms the visitor often hesitates leaving until one last look.


Visitors are anxious to mention, "I can't wait to bring my family, or friends for an unforgettable adventure."  

Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality collection in the world.
  • To provide our visitors with the best possible experience.
  • To enhance the cultural quality of the county in which our museum is located.